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Fraud Management

Weenko’s Fraud Management solution for operators helps them to reduce revenue leakage by preventing Customer Fraud and ensuring a high level of reactivity.

Weenko’s Fraud Management system is a rule-based engine that performs advanced analysis of customer behavior to detect different patterns of Fraud:

  • Define Fraud detection rules to prevent fraudulent usage on voice and top-up traffic. These fraud patterns can be applied on different axis of analysis: Calling Party, Call destination, Location, Number, frequency, Call Time and Duration, Top-up amount, etc.
  • Possibility to define different Fraud thresholds and raise notifications by email or SMS.
  • Real-time detailed Fraud reports through an online interface including listing of potential fraudsters.

The Fraud Management solution is based on the same technical architecture as Weenko Reporting system, it can be implemented standalone or as a complementary module.